“The Haunting of the Mansion” by Advaitha 

Gasping for breath, I stood there, horrified. I knew there was no way back home. Ahead of me, loomed a shabby, mighty mansion. I was utterly alarmed. I had wondered how I encountered myself into this mess. A sense of dread arose through my heart. Slender branches scraped against the dilapidated building. I remarked faint footprints coming in but not out. The ramshackle building had no life inside it. Barely alive, there it stayed. Misery engulfed my soul.

I was not sure if I could survive long. The eerie atmosphere puzzled me. I didn’t want to stay out. I had no choice but to go inside the inhospitable building. Cautiously, I discreetly crept inside. The spiral staircase stood above me. I ran over to see if anyone was near. Unfortunately, there was not even a soul in sight. I collapsed onto the creaking, wooden planks and dug my face into my hands. I was homesick. I was overwhelmed. I wanted to see my family’s happy faces again. Was I destined to…

‘HELP!’ a muffled sound interrupted.


I heard someone in great distress! I perked up and helped myself out of the anguish I was facing. Almost tripping over myself, I quickly scrambled up the staircase. My timidity rose into valour as I realized that I was going to help someone else. Finally, I reached the top floor. I listened attentively to locate where the other person was. This was the only chance of me finding my home! I accidentally stumbled over the floorboards and tripped into a room. It was overgrown and looked like no one had ever been there before. It looked like a study room, with a torn lamp over a damaged desk.

‘Help!’ a plugged scream tore the silence.

The person who needed help was near. The person sounded familiar! I struggled to get up, but I got there at last. I tried walking but…Ouch! My leg ached terribly. It must have got sprained while I ran up. So, I limped carefully, not to lose my balance, to where the sound was coming from. As I reached the end of the large desk, I saw a familiar figure in the dark. The silhouette of the person had created an illusion. There I saw another girl, about the same age as me, tied uncomfortably to a rocking-chair and stifled with a gag. Without hesitation, I helped her out…

‘ Alexa! ’she gasped.

Oh my… I realized who she was!

My hands covering my mouth, I hushed ‘Lexy?’

‘Yes, indeed!’ she whispered.

I was delighted!

Suddenly, we heard screams. ‘The spirit that guards the house, it is it!’ she said.  We jumped at the very thought. I quickly grasped her hand and rushed downstairs. We made a swift exit. We had not stopped running until the smell of dinner was near. As we knocked on the door, I realized that we were in my house. As the door opened, I burst myself in and hugged my parents. They were shocked!

‘We missed you!’ they would say.

Lexy had a sleepover at our house.  But the next day, when we went to school, we found out that we were going to that very place as an educational trip…