By Haalah


My life seems like it can’t get any worse. Well, as grown-ups always say, ‘LIFE IS UNFAIR’. I used to always think that it was just a saying that adults say to scare us kids. Honestly, I think by now us modern kids will get even more spoilt with the new technology.



Now, you may be wondering, Greg what do you mean? I mean that if I don’t pull myself together, I’ll turn into a total emotional wreck. And do you know why? Well, the answer is that my family is so embarrassing. Well, Greg, every family is embarrassing. I agree but my family is the most embarrassing.

My family consists of:

  1. Dad – Frank Heffley, is the exact opposite of ME. My dad is very active. He loves fishing. He loves history, especially the American civil wars.
  2. Mom – Susan Heffley, writes in the news about ME. She doesn’t specifically use my name, but you don’t need to be a Sherlock to know who she’s talking about.
  3. Brother no.1 – Rodrick Heffley, is the biggest idiot in the world. He plays in a band called ‘LODED DIPER’, but he can’t spell it properly. It’s meant to say, ‘LOADED DIAPER’.
  4. Me – You don’t need an explanation, but I’ll give you one. Greg Heffley and I LOVE video games. I don’t only love them, I’m a PRO.
  5. Brother no.2 – Manny Heffley, always BLAMES me on everything naughty he does. and he can’t pronounce brother, so he calls me Bubby.


You might say that I’m THE LUCKIEST BOY IN THE WORLD to have a loving family. But really, there is a lot you have to learn about me.