An Unusual Beast By Ishan N

An Unusual Beast  By Ishan N

The legend has it a shapeshifting, viscous and repugnant beast with seven eyes inhabits a caliginous, tenebrous, eerie cave covered with human skulls every inch.

This abhorrent monster’s skull has blood gushing down it’s torn cheeks. This gruesome monster has warts glued to its green and horrific face and nose. Its knife-like ears stretch from its forehead to its temporal. Its tiny six horrible eyes look like they are closed, but they are open. Its black lips like the night sky give out a putrid stench so toxic that it’s enough to murder you. Its rotten black teeth have so many holes in it that you can’t count it.

His body is like a big, dense, green ball with hair, bulging veins and black spikes sticking out of it. Its hair is as thick as vines, and like poison ivy so poisonous it is enough to puff you up like a ball. Its bulging veins pop out that it’s a never-ending labyrinth. Its spikes are like needles ready to pierce through your body like a gargantuan black sword. This brute stands twenty-four-foot from its gruesome head to its horrible toes.




Its arms are bloody silver swords ready to kill anyone in its way. Its sword-like arms are as thick as books and as long as rods.

Its legs are as rapid as a cheetah covered with bright blue to warn everybody that these legs can kill. Its bright legs are as thick as an elephant’s. Its toenails are as long as a vulture’s and as parched and cracked as the Sahara Desert.

This brute can turn into a bird when it pleases. It starts off when its slimy arms turn into fleshless and featherless wings letting out a putrid stench. Its humungous legs turn into cracked and thin legs, which are skinless, with sharp talons sticking out hunting for its next victim. Its body turns into a skinless, spikeless, hairless body only with bones. Its head grows a beak; its face turns skinless. After this, its transformation ends and it becomes a skinless bird, which only bones are visible.

This killing machine kills anything or anyone in its way.

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